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1607W Washing Machine

This machine represents outstanding value for money given the extreme durability of the design it will outlast virtually all domestic machines. The manufacturer is confident enough to give it a full TEN YEAR guarantee.

This appliance represents outstanding value for money given the extended lifespan you can expect with it's superior build and AAA rating.


And now you can purchase a matching tumble drier made to the same exacting specifications...

 CD601W Dryer


The ISE 10 tumble dryer is designed to match the 1607W washing machine and to be easily stacked, if required, on top of the washer using the included stacking kit. To make life even easier on installation a drain hose is also included so that you can use the washing machine drain to drain away the water rather than having to empty the water from the tray.

Please contact us on 01494 485926 for more details or visit the ISE Appliances website here

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